Oscar Key Sung - All I Think About (Part 1)

Who knew that Australia would be picking up the heat lead on R&B trends? Among the rising voices is the sound that come out of Melbournite Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn’s mouth. This shit is city slick and sultry shine.

Best thing? You can get this on wax from my buds, innovative music-food blog TurntableKitchenMatthew Hickey tells me:

We got this subscription service thingy where we send people music on colorful pieces of round vinyl that are 7” in diameter (sorta like your Small Plates but with a subscription service angle). Our latest featured artist is Oscar Key Sung (also part of Australia’s Oscar + Martin). He makes indie R&B music that made me weak in the knees when I first hear it. I thought you might enjoy it too. We’ll be releasing the “All I Think About (Part 1)” single on hand-numbered, limited to 375 copies smoky clear and black vinyl in about a week.

Get on this now, ppl.

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    dear god this song
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    Oscar Key Sung: All I Think About (Part 1).
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    all i can think about [part 1.] | ascar key sung | thanks to yvynyl this. on repeat for the past 2 weeks and to think...
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    BUT FUR REAL SO SEXUAL Oscar Key Sung - All I Think About (Part 1)
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    yush x